Amedeo Anniciello, Managing Director of Standard Bank in the DRC
Amedeo Anniciello : Standard Bank Group is one of the largest universal financial services groups in Africa. It is present in more than 30 countries around the world, including 20 in Africa.

Mining & Business Magazine : Good morning, Mr. Amedeo ANNICIELLO. You are the main sponsor of the DRC Mining Week, can you explain why it is important for you to participate for the 15th time this year?

Amedeo Anniciello : Standard Bank Group is one of the largest universal financial services groups in Africa. It is present in more than 30 countries around the world, including 20 in Africa. It is a partner with the world’s largest bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), a 20% shareholder of the Standard Bank Group.

Standard Bank Group aims to be the leading corporate and investment bank in Africa with a strong focus on natural resources. Its specialization in natural resource management and its connectivity to investor bases in Africa, the Americas, Europe and China allow it to stimulate investment in Africa. Thanks to its highly qualified and experienced teams in the mining and financial industry as well as its local knowledge of the sector, it supports traditional and non-traditional investments in the field of natural resources. It is a privileged partner for the growth of the African continent, which it calls “remains”.This commitment makes Standard Bank Group a privileged partner of the mining sector in Africa, hence our special attention to the DRC Mining Week and our desire to be its first sponsor. At the same time, this allows us to have more visibility not only for our existing customers but also for potential customers by presenting them with our different offers.

M&B : What is unique about Standard Bank RDC compared to the 16 other banks in the DRC?

AA : Considering the balance sheet carried out in the DRC, the Group’s general balance sheet and that of the partner bank ICBC, we can provide financing for significant amounts. Our specificity lies in our financing capacity, which our competitors do not always have. 

M&B : Can you explain to us why did you decide to close the private accounts?

AA: We decided a few years ago to restructure the bank by focusing solely on corporate and investment banking. This is why we have chosen to terminate the retail banking division and close accounts that do not correspond with the bank’s new strategy, in particular small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. It is more advantageous for us today to focus our efforts on corporate and investment banking. However, this situation could change later.  

M&B : Finally, can you introduce yourself.

AA : My name is Amedeo Anniciello, I was born in South Africa, I come from Italy and that makes me an Italian and South African. I have been working in the banking sector for 35 years.

I started my banking career in September 1984 with Société Générale South Africa, where I spent 15 years. After that, I spent two years with local banks in South Africa as Managing Director. After that, I worked for CITI BANK for 15 and a half years; specifically in Gabon, Zambia and Algeria. After this experience, I joined Fidelity Bank in Ghana in 2016 before Standard Bank Group approached me to offer me the position of Managing Director in the DRC.  Currently, I have been at Standard Bank for two years, specifically in the DRC, since 1 July 2017.

M&B : A last word for your customers present in Katanga or your prospects and what did you learn from the DRC MINING WEEK after these two days here.

AA : Last year, Standard Bank RDC invested heavily in IT infrastructure and today we are pleased to inform you that Standard Bank RDC is now more efficient and more digital. Our customers who prefer to operate electronically will be able to do so even remotely. Thus we offer better services to our customers through our new technological architecture. 

Interview by Olivier Delafoy


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