Célestin Mulamba Ndomi, Quality and Safety Manager.
In July, the Congolese national airline obtained IOSA certification. Mining and Business Magazine met Célestin Mulamba Ndomi, Quality and Safety Manager.

Mining and Business Magazine: you have just been IOSA certified - can you explain to lay people what this is all about?

Célestin Mulamba: IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certification is an audit program developed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) since 2001. It certifies the safety of the operating procedures of IOSA certified air carriers.

Congo Airways, which began this process in 2017, received an audit mission from 18 to 22 September 2017 to obtain IOSA certification.  This international safety label is renewable every two years.

The evaluation of a list of systems and procedures for certification that is now registered in the IATA register attests to Congo Airways' compliance with international aviation safety standards. For your information, IOSA certification includes at least 1200 standards validated by airlines and civil aviation administrations such as the FAA, EASA and especially ICAO. Congo Airways has met these standards.

MBM : What are the consequences for Congo Airways?

CM: Congo Airways becomes a member of IATA. In terms of benefits to be gained, IOSA certification improves and guarantees global safety in air transport. By encouraging all IATA affiliates to meet a rigorous set of safety standards, the number of accidents has decreased and passenger transport has become safer.  It is also worth noting the reduction in costs associated with safety audits, as the IOSA audit alone now replaces all redundant audits previously conducted by partner companies. IOSA certification also leads to a significant reduction in insurance premiums because risks are better managed and controlled. With its unique evaluation method applied to all, IOSA certification ranks all certified companies at the same level of appreciation worldwide. Through this audit, IATA leads companies not only to meet national or regional requirements, but also to respect international standards.

With this label, our airline can become a member of IATA and join the Clearing House and the MITA (IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement). This means that it will now have its place in the international aviation elite and will have the right to negotiate and sign commercial agreements with other airlines. (Code -sharing)

MBM: How far does the company intend to spread its wings?

CM: this certification opens the doors to another strategic challenge, the eligibility of CONGO AIRWAYS for the TCO process (Third country operator) which will eventually enable our company to serve destinations such as Europe, the United Arab Emirates or China.  In Africa, Congo Airways is already flying to Johannesburg in South Africa. Soon Douala, Cotonou and Abidjan.


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