Serge BILAMBO,  Mining and Metals portfolio management - Standard Bank RDC
Katangese Mining's investment banker with a focus on high-tech solutions.


After working for ten years in the banking sector in Europe (Bank of New-York Mellon and Citibank in Brussels), then Citibank and US Bank in London for six years, Serge Bilambo returned to the DRC in 2006. He currently manages the Mining and Metals and business development portfolio at Standard Bank Katanga.


Congolese subsidiary of the South African investment bank, Standard Bank DRC has developed expertise in providing services related to the needs of mining companies, multinationals, the United Nations and other international organisations.


Ranked as Africa's leading investment bank by Global Finance Magazine, Standard Bank Group offers innovative online banking solutions and a range of applications that optimise business connect and the speed and security of money transfers. The Congolese subsidiary is at the forefront in this field at the national level.


1996 : Joined Bank of New York Mellon, Brussels

2006 : Returned to the DRC

2006 : Standard Bank Katanga


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