Yannick Mbiya Ngandu,  Regional Director, Merchant Bank Trust
The Congolese banker recognised beyond borders


The ‘Bank of the Year in the DRC' prize, awarded to the TMB by the prestigious magazine ‘The Banker' in 2015 and by EMEA Finance in 2017, add to the exceptional career of this Finance Innovation engineer untold legitimacy. He joined TMB in 2007 as Corporate Officer, after studying in Leuven and Laval (Canada), and climbed all hierarchical levels of the company before being appointed Regional Director in 2011.


TMB is one of the central commercial banks in the Congolese financial landscape. Created in 2004 in Lubumbashi, it has since then been part of a policy of proximity by deploying an extensive network of branches throughout the DRC. The bank has 800,000 customers, 1,500 employees, 82 subsidiaries and counters in 28 cities.


TMB is a central player in the financial inclusion in the DRC and strives to provide innovative solutions to promote access to financial services for the entire population. Its financial solidity, its innovative offers (such as Pepele mobile, for instance) prove that it is possible to offer banking products and services to international standards with local economic actors.


2007 : Returned to the DRC after 5 years in Belgium

2007 : Joined TMB

2011 : Appointed Regional Director


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