Désiré Mbay Mukoj
MINING AND BUSINESS: Hello sir, can you briefly introduce yourself ?

Désiré MBAY MUKOJ: My name is Désiré MBAY MUKOJ, I am the dir ector of the S hituru-Kamfundwa Business Unit. So I am in charge of production from 2 mine s: K ambove-Kamfundwa and Kamatanda.

The ore passes through the Kambove-Kamatanda fact ories and the He ap-Leach in P anda.

The circuit ends with the hydrometallurgical plants of Shituru, which produces copper cathodes.

M&B: $60 million has been invested in the facilities. What difference does it make?

D. MBAY MUKOJ: It’s something very big that Gécamines has just done. With these investments, we are able to produce high- grade copper. We installed the solvent extraction unit here in Shituru; it allows us to r emove 99.96% of t he copper. We installed the laundry module in Kamatanda. This allows us to supply almost 1,000 to 1,500 tonnes of copper per month on our production.

Compared to before June 2018, Gécamines is increasing its production level and quality while improving its production costs.

M&B: That is to say, with the High-Grade, there is no longer a discount as before? Are you now at the level of the best producers?

D. MBAY MUKOJ: Yes, the discount was almost $800 per tonne.

Can you imagine at the end of the annual financial year, the millions you lost in discount s?

Now, not only has the quant it y improved, but the money that was lost in the discounts can be reinvested.


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