DRC: Government announces tax relief measures for importers
The Minister of National Economy, Modeste Bahati announced, at the approach of the New Year celebrations, a number of tax and customs breaks measures for importers of essential goods.

"We gathered to evaluate the level of stocks in the market, but also to examine strategies to supply the market with staple goods during the next three months and beyond these three months. The government will provide tax relief measures that will be undertaken immediately, so that in-process goods can be cleared and new orders can benefit from these reductions. This measure will affect not only the city of Kinshasa, but the entire country", said the Minister of Economy. Modeste Bahati explained that these measures would allow importers to deal with the situation marked by the depreciation of the Congolese franc. For their part, importers argued for the removal of the value added tax (VAT) at a time when customers are scarce.

Source : Radio Okapi


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