Akili consulting
AKILI CONSULTING is a firm specialised in the management of foreign exchange transactions (Import-Export) and Operational risk related to the DRC’s foreign exchange regulation.

 AKILI Consulting hosted a workshop in Lubumbashi in December. This conference prompted a lot of interest among the various players in the Congolese economy. Meeting with the regional director of AKILI Consulting, also responsible for the commercial activities of the company, and mastermind behind this workshop.

 M&B. Could you do a debrief of this conference?

 AM. We brought together stakeholders from the sector. We thought it was important, in our role as consultant and expert in foreign exchange regulation, that AKILI Consulting organized this workshop given the importance of this issue, which addresses both the regulatory provisions on the repatriation of sale proceeds of minerals as well as the regulatory provisions on the market price list.

 M&B. Why this focus on the mining sector? 

AM. The extractive industry makes up the largest part of the exports from the DRC. AKILI Consulting therefore pays particular attention to developments that impact both the exporters of mining products as well as their value chain. We have a team of experts who provide support to operators in the sector in order to hedge against regulatory and associated risks. This is made possible because of our knowledge of the regulatory aspects of International trade and of the Central Bank of Congo. This also explains our strong presence at Mining Indaba 2020, a flagship meeting for the mining industry.

 M&B. And what is your message to Mining Indaba 2020 participants?

 AM. That today in the DRC, a very attractive country in terms of mineral resources, investors also have the possibility to find the adequate expertise for assistance in compliance with the foreign exchange regulations issued by the Central Bank of Congo. Besides tax, customs or legal support to economic players in the DRC, AKILI Consulting also provides regulatory guidance.

 M&B. What about other importers? 

AM. Our focus on the mining sector does not question our capacity to assist other importers. Our portfolio includes a significant number of importers operating in various sectors.

 M&B. Thank you Mrs. Mboyo, and we look forward to meeting you again soon for a debrief upon your return from Indaba Mining on other important issues.

 AM. Thank you for allowing me to share with you, we remain available to answer your questions.


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