Angelo TURCONI , in the heart of congo
After Infini Congo, published in 2011, the Italianphotographer Angelo Turconi has just releaseda new book dedicated to the Congo, which hehas been exploring for half a century.

 It is the deep and authentic Congo that inspires him, the rhythm of nature and peoples whose beauty he never tires of celebrating.

`“Rather than being a witness, I feel like I'm passing on images and memory. I have this responsibility towards this people with whom I have been so close and with whom I still enjoy sharing. ». Memory work is at the heart of his photographic project. His new book “In the Heart of Congo” is a masterpiece.

Angelo Turconi has been studying the Democratic Republic of Congo for 50 years. Curious, benevolent and passionate, the Italian photographer tirelessly documents the daily life of the Congolese population, paying particular attention to its cultural, craft and artistic heritage. “Far from the frenzy of Kinshasa, Congo's Sprawling, bubbling and feverish capital, it is the expeditions inside the Congo that I have always wanted to focus on. It is the heart of the country that I Never tire of exploring since I started travelling there in 1968.”

The African continent is undergoing a period of change and the DRC is making its transition to modernity,so the archives gathered in this book are precious,especially for future generations. Angelo Turconi’simages depict the power of traditional ceremonies and the enthusiasm generated by popular festivals, revealing secular cultures, the prestige of traditional chiefs still intact, and the breath-taking beauty of this extraordinaryand immense country.

A book to make us realize how rich the Democratic Republic of Congo is, given its immense and precious heritage.

Source Guillaume Janne Au cœur du Congo revisited — Angelo Turconi — aux éditions Stichting Kunstboek 


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