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Mining & Business Magazine met Bob Bononge, Chairman of Caplaine Consulting. He talks about the first workshop on the impact of insurance in the mining sector under the sponsorship of ARCA.

M&B: Hello, can you introduce yourself? 

B.B: My name is Bob BONONGE, I am 36 years old, graduated from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) with a Master’s degree in Management Economics, Firm and Market Economics, specializing in Industrial Development. I am employed at COMEXAS AFRICA as Director of Import and Customs Risk and at the same time Chairman of Cabinet Conseil Caplaine Consulting, a Congolese company specialized in the logistics and customs sector in the DRC. Our core business is focused on the placement of qualified agents, recruitment assistance, training, supply of goods, customs advice and audit, regulatory monitoring of any legal text that may generate a financial risk for our clients. We co-organized with the Insurance Regulatory and Control Authority (ARCA), the special insurance meeting on October 9, 2019, to raise awareness among economic operators of compliance with the Insurance Code. 

M&B: You are also an employee of COMEXAS. How do you manage to do everything at once?

 B.B : First of all, the relationship between Comexas Africa and I is based on trust. This is characterized by a dynamic oriented towards the promotion of young Congolese executives supported by the vision of our CEO COMEXAS AFRICA Jean Michel Philippot. He permitted me to keep the presidency of my company founded 4 months before being hired in Comexas Africa in June 2017. I entrusted the management to my wife Melissa Mukubu Bononge. She manages the day to day with a team of highly qualified experts. She implements the policy that I determine as Chairman and founder of the company in a practical way


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