Edito of Mining and Business Magazine N°01
You are looking at the first edition of Mining & Business, successor to Mine Magazine.

We have listened to what you have had to say, taken on board your support and your criticism, and come up with a new editorial line and sharper layout.

This Congolese bimonthly aims to become a leading reference in mining and business publications in Katanga, the DRC and the Copper Belt at large.

We have joined forces with prestigious contributors such as Didier Julienne from “Les Echos”, Maria Malagardis from “Libération” and Cecilia Jamasmi from Mining.com. Other professionals and partners including the Chamber of Mines, the Federation of Congolese Enterprises (FEC) and the French-Congolese Chamber of Commerce will also weave their expertise into the fabric of the magazine.

Mining & Business is an ally for businesses to foster development across Africa and more specifically the Congo and Zambia.

This magazine is also your magazine. Feel free to contact us to contribute to its pages: [email protected]

Happy reading,

The editorial team,


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