Edito of Mining and Business Magazine N°14
The DRC Mining Week was a fair success, the Makutano will also be.
Yes, but...

The DRC Mining Week was organized in Lubumbashi late June. The Makutano in Kinshasa is September’s main happening. Each time, your Mining and Business magazine is the event’s media partner. Companies have the opportunity to present their projects, to show the world how much they are motivated to create value and satisfy their shareholders. The Makutano proudly announces that “the development of the DRC must be based on a national basis”.

Everyone welcomes the prospects looming on the horizon thanks to a recovery in the prices of copper and cobalt.

But... at the same time, a manager of the FEC took stock of the bad economic situation, qualifying it as chaotic. The big bosses have all complained of the State’s inaction in the fields of training and education, the provision of electric power, road and rail infrastructure, and social programming. And while a substantive review of the Mining Code aims at securing increased State revenues, we learn that hundreds of millions of dollars for the public Treasury have disappeared and that legal uncertainty is the norm.

Finally, in our developing country, politics prevail over economics and unfortunately, as long as the political crisis is not solved, the economic outlook will remain at half-mast. In these circumstances, and despite a few enticing prospects, how to create a business climate that attracts national and international investors?


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