Edito of Mining and Business Magazine N°18
Despite the Cassandras prophecies concerning the Congolese economy in 2018, the latter has not faltered. There even seems to be a quivering recovery.

This small miracle is certainly mainly due to the soaring cobalt price, but also to what seems to be a clearer path towards peaceful elections at the end of the year.

In this context, the three major business meetings of the year, namely KBM, DRC Mining Week and the French Week should be a success.

M&B, your magazine, provides media support to these three meetings. In our opinion, this was important, even necessary, because we know to what extent these appointments suffer from serious relays in the press. Thus, by becoming Media Partner of the three events, we hope, in our own way, to contribute to the emergence of the country. A special issue of over twenty pages is devoted to it. You will discover 12 business leaders who have made the choice to invest much energy and efforts in the DRC.

May 1978 - May 2018, 40 years ago with Operation Bonite, the French Foreign Legion jumped on Kolwezi. This anniversary will be celebrated very discreetly.

Coincidentally, His Excellency Richard Muyej accepted to speak to us without any political cant about his vision for his province and Alain Rémy, Ambassador of France, received us in the context of the French Week.

The same goes for François Giros, President of CIAN, who introduces the Council and proposes a macro analysis of the situation in Africa.  

Our special thanks go to them.

Finally, you will find your usual columns with, in the ‘environment’ section, a beautiful interview of the director of the documentary film Makala, Emmanuel Gras who will soon come introduce his work in the DRC.


Enjoy !  

B. Ziana


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