Edito of Mining and Business Magazine N°27
Thirty years ago, a wall fell in Berlin. Ironically, it was in the very city where the 1870 Conference, whose consequences in Africa are well known, took place that the end of Western hegemony was to be decided.

Since 1989, the world has changed at a rapid pace and new geostrategic balances have been established. The arrival in power in the DRC of a President who flirts as much with China as with the former colonial powers or the United States, while strengthening his African alliances, is the symbol of this.

On the occasion of this anniversary, this issue of M&B revisits the last thirty years. First of all, with a great witness of national history. Indeed, Grand Admiral Baudoin Liwanga is doing us the honour of giving us an interview. In the same vein, the eminent French politician Bertrand Badie answered our questions and analysed this long agony of Western domination. Finally, Joël Quidu, the huge war photojournalist at the three World Press Awards, evokes this often bellicose period.

Your magazine remains as usual focused on mining and business news in the DRC or Africa. And you will find all your sections there plus a new feature: mercato, which informs you of the game of chairs at the head of the companies of the place. A debrief of ExpoBéton and Makutano, not to mention a verbatim by Albert Yuma from the speech given at the inauguration of the STL’s furnace, are also on the menu.

We still have to wish you, on behalf of the entire Corneille and Sima team, the M&B publishing group, a happy holiday season. May these moments with family and friends be happy and recharge your batteries to attack 2020!

Have a good reading!



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