Edito of Mining and Business Magazine N°28
Disaster, chaos, ruin... Plenty of negative terms to describe Lumumba’s land sixty years after its independence. Whether or not we agree with this assessment, the only question is what we can do, collectively, to make a difference.


This sixtieth anniversary is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about ourselves, the country, and the project we have for it. May these questions unite us all in agreement.

Far from this Congo bashing which we must fight to stop, M&B has been a proactive player in the country’s economic rise for more than five years, and at the beginning of 2020, the editorial team chose to present a fast-growing, 100% Congolese company: TIAFRICA. The managing director is on the front page.

Your magazine will be the only Congolese media partner of INDABA’s mining meetings, which will take place in Cape Town in early February, which we are particularly proud about. In light of this, we wanted to give the floor to the new President of the Chamber of Mines, Jonh Kanyoni, and to the MD of the regulatory authority for subcontracting in the mining sector, Ahmed Kalej Nkand. These two major players in the DRC mining industry will be in Indaba and are able, thanks to our columns, to send the message they wanted to send in order to attract even more investors to the country.

A year ago, alternating the head of state enabled Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi to become President of the Republic. What is the outcome a year later? We have a special report on this. No team makes its first editorial of the year without wishing its readers well. Ours and mine wish you a year of prosperity and business boosted by collective energy. We also thank you for being faithful – more and more of you, each year – to our columns.

Happy New Year to all and happy reading!



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