Edito of Mining and Business N°06
Welcome to Lubumbashi!

Mining & Business, YOUR magazine, is proud to be a partner of the mining week held in the Copperbelt capital.

After nearly year-long crisis, the actors of the mining subcontracting market, though still somewhat groggy, will soon need to get ready for the next uptake in prices.

This year the Big Five have come out: TFM, Banro, Ivanhoe and others are banking on the medium and long term. Equipment and logistics suppliers, electricians and service providers operating on the fringes of the mining sector will also be part of this important event.

Those who will miss the boat are undoubtedly the ones who feel they are strong enough to do without marketing or don’t need to “stand out” in a market in which you constantly need to “seduce” to win business.

The conference speakers will also help us, the industry’s SMEs, to maintain sales and stay dynamic despite a somewhat hostile economic climate.

In keeping with this week starting the 8 June, Mining & Business is giving the floor to key actors in the DRC, such as EGMF, in the banking sector and other subcontractors that aspire to become future market leaders.

You will also find decision-markers’ profiles and interviews. These will help you better understand your customers and suppliers.

Despite the passing copper storm and worrying socio-economic situation, we are and will remain here to weather it out with you and support you in your business.

The editorial team


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