From red to green
In market finance, a colour code allows to see the performance of securities at a glance on a screen. While green, the colour of hope, indicates a value gain, red, the colour of blood, indicates a decline,

sometimes a sharp one. By observing the annual evolution up to mid-March ("Year-To-Date" S&P 500 -30%, Air France/KLM -60%), Bloomberg and Reuters terminals or stock markets monitoring mobile applications are covered in red.

Probably the most striking view is that of the "Billionaire Index", a ranking of the world's largest fortunes by asset portfolio. This table indirectly gives an idea of the results by sector. As of March 12, 2020, the picture was something to see. For the first 100 members, the collective loss for the current year amounted to USD 500 billion. Only seven of them had an aggregated performance in the green. They are in tech and renewable energy, the health sector and the food industry.

The volatility observed during this period calls for wisdom. However, the points mentioned above raise questions. Shares of strategic Western companies have been massively sold. By whom have they been bought? By hedge funds who speculate on a further decline of the economy, or by competitors with piles of cash who are taking advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to control flagship rivals? Technology for economical, integrated and intelligent systems; renewable energy for a large and sustainable access to this resource; health and a balanced lifestyle at the heart of economic and scientific research; food to sustainably feed a world population that will increase by 2 billion by 2050: is covid-19 forcing mankind to go green once and for all?

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