José SELE YALAGHULI, Matata’s man at finance
Among the sixty-six members of this overwhelming government, few of the “stars” of the previous teams are among them. This is called change! The promise is therefore being kept.

 In the middle of this gallery of new portraits, Jose Sele, the Minister of Finance, ex- DG of the DGI and DirCab discreet, but so effective in the Prime Minister’s Office under Matata, would almost appear as an exception. Portrait. “Congratulations to the Minister of Finance Sele. He is competent, hardworking and professional. Having been a senior coordinator at Bceco (Central Coordination Office), Director of Cabinet at the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office for 13 years, this former DG of the DGI is experienced and sufficiently experienced to carry out the function,” wrote the former Prime Minister on social networks, praising his shadow advisor in Bceco, Finance and the Prime Minister. Seeming to subtly remind us of the major role he played in his career. At 51, the career of this graduate in monetary economics (1995), who completed his training with an MBA in results based management (RBM) at Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government, is indeed quite exceptional. “Balanced, sensitive and able to manage individual ambitions”, according to his collaborators, the tenant of the highly coveted Ministry of Finance is also a consensus on the national political scene. His expertise, of course, is recognized, but the fact that he has led the thorny reform of the DGI since 2016 with the rigour and determination that he had, will probably have been his master asset in pulling out the morocco shark. With a projected budget of $7 billion for 2020 (to be approved by the Government at the time of writing), the part may not be a walk in the park. The expectations of a population eager for change, the President’s commitments concerning free schooling, health and infrastructure in particular have a cost. And the great national money lender will not be able, with the best will in the world, and all the ethics attributed to him in terms of the meticulous management of public funds, to perform miracles. Nevertheless, it should be noted that man has a reputation as an outstanding diplomat and that his ability to give confidence to international institutions can prove valuable in negotiations with donors.

 Fabrice Lehoux


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