Dominovas Energy Enters Second Power Provider Agreement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG), an energy solutions company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, announces the execution of a 3MW multi-year Power Provider Agreement (PPA) to provide electricity to the Somico Mine in the DRC via its proprietary RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell system.

Somico is owned and operated by SOMICO-RDC SARL, a privately-held mining company. The Project is a part of Dominovas Energy's ongoing campaign to electrify the continent with its state-of-the-art, clean, reliable, and efficient source for power generation. The Somico Mine is located in the SANKURU/LUSAMBO region of the DRC, and it has one of the largest certified concentrations of diamonds, gold and iron ore in Africa. SOMICO-RDC SARL operates mining concessions in LAUSAMBO, MULUNDU, KANDAKANDA and KATSHISUNGU. The physical deployment of the RUBICON™ in DRC is expected to begin in Q4 of 2016. The 3MW installation is a continuation of what is the largest single deployment of fuel cell technology on the continent of Africa, representing a paradigm shift in the DRC's approach to addressing concerns regarding harmful carbon emissions, and to reducing the ever-expanding equipment maintenance and inefficiencies that are associated with increased costs, as are endemic with power generation from diesel generators, combined-cycle gas-fired turbine (CCGT) power plants, and other combustion-centric technologies. The RUBICON™ will produce over 25.5 million kWh of clean, efficient, and reliable electricity every year. The 3MW Power Provider Agreement (PPA) will yield more than US$107 million in guaranteed revenue to Dominovas Energy over the multi-year term PPA. Emilio De Jesus, President of Dominovas Energy's Africa Division, expressed, "I am thrilled that my executive management team has given me the latitude to execute to this scale and magnitude. Somico Mine will establish the new blueprint for how mine operators in Africa and other emerging markets support their mining operations, using off-grid 'clean' energy solutions."

Source: CNN

ABB’s “Next Level mining” automation boosts productivity, trims costs at Swedish mine

ABB, the leading power and automation group, has deployed a tailored technological solution to transform Boliden AB’s Garpenberg mine in central Sweden into one of the most-efficient and productive mines in the world. Autonomous processes stretching a kilometer underground are unified in a single system driving efficiency and productivity to the next level. ABB’s System 800xA automation platform, installed in more than 10,000 process industry facilities in over 100 countries, forms the backbone of Garpenberg’s control facilities, efficiently coordinating sub-operations including power and automation for mill drives, hoists, ventilation system and crushers. Boliden transformed the mine over four years in close cooperation with ABB, building on the principles of the Internet of Things, Services and People. Boliden and ABB, whose relationship began 90 years ago, have deployed unprecedented levels of automation and control below and above ground to optimize performance like never before. ABB’s “Next Level mining” approach is uniquely suited to tackle challenges including volatile metals prices, rising energy costs, stricter rules, increased safety demands and workforce availability.

Source: CNN

Seafloor copper extraction better than traditional mining — report

A fresh study commissioned by Canadian seafloor miner Nautilus Minerals (TSX: NUS) shows that extracting copper from the seabed causes less disruptions to the environment than traditional mining. The report, released by Earth Economics, compared Nautilus' copper, gold Solwara 1 project to three traditional copper mines. Based on the analysis of each mine’s social and environmental impacts, the research concluded that seafloor mining has the potential to not only provide economic benefits within the communities nearest to the operations, but also to minimize the impact of copper mining. According to Nautilus Minerals, the study proves that the proposed Solwara 1 project would be "far superior" than existing and proposed terrestrial copper mines. Seabed mining has also the potential to change the physical nature of the mining industry for the better," Nautilus' chief executive officer said in a statement. The Nautilus settled a key dispute with the PNG’s government last year, and since then, progress has quickly moved on with the Solwara 1 project. The company expects to have all its undersea mining tools ready to go by mid-2016. Nautilus expects to start digging up copper and precious metals almost right away. The project, located in the minerals-rich Manus basin, is expected to become the world's first commercial high-grade deep-sea copper and gold mine.



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