Created in 2002 on the impetus of a Katanga-born Greek-Belgian, this Congolese NGO bases its action on an essential basic concept: respect for human beings, regardless of their origin, and for the nature around them.

In a country torn by armed conflict for over fifty years, the quality of people’s lives – in particular those living outside urban areas – as well as nature, have suffered greatly.

A lover of the bush, the “Mpori”, the project developer wanted to play his part in improving this situation, however small his contribution may be compared to actual needs.

Thanks to his vision of the world, his family’s encouragement, help from his friends and the support from many others, but also, and above all, to his own iron will, he has taken on the task of relieving and improving the living conditions of the rural populations, especially children, living around him.

His philosophy: “Work together with respect for others and for the environment”, a marriage of white and black, of their respective values and characteristics for harmonious development, driven by mutual respect and esteem. No guilt: simply start the ball rolling for development.

The Mikembo NGO aims to improve the socio-economic development of Haut Katanga’s rural populations through:

    - education;

    - health; and

    - the protection of the environment.


“If you have a one year project, plant a seed. If you have a ten-year project, plant a tree. If you have a hundred-year project, educate a child.” African proverb.

     Three rural primary schools - Kinsangwe (32km from Lubumbashi), Katumba (80km from Lubumbashi) and Kienge (170km from Lubumbashi) - allow 900 children to study essentially free of charge in good conditions.

     School scholarships for the best students completing intermediate school to attend Lubumbashi technical and comprehensive high schools.

     English, ecology and IT classes in addition to the national programme given at the Kinsangwe school.

     Microcomputer and pattern-making courses for older students.

     Literacy classes for mothers.

     Support to university students during their degree or PHD, including Katanga’s future doctor in mycology!


“Mens sana in corpore sano” Juneval

     Construction of a health centre in Kienge.

     Installation of 50 manual drinking water wells in rural areas.

     Installation of four high-capacity, solar-powered wells at the Bulaya orphanage, the health centre and school in Kinsangwe and in the Petro village.

     Daily distribution of high-protein soya meals to students at the Kinsangwe school.

     Hygiene-awareness classes given at the Kinsangwe school.

     Construction and running of a health centre at Kinsangwe, which, with its birthing room, laboratory and hospital beds, has been providing quality care to 60 patients a month since it was built.


“Let us plant trees and the roots will anchor our future in the ground and branches of hope will rise into the sky.” Wangari Maathai

     A private endemic wildlife rehabilitation and flora and fauna protection project made available to students and scientists to study Haut Katanga’s biodiversity.

     Partnership with universities in Lubumbashi, Liege and Brussels, as well as with the Meise Botanic Gardens, the Institut Agronomique in Gembloux and the Royal Museum for Central African in Tervuren, for a number of scientific and educational projects.

     Design of an Environmental Education Guide in partnership with GIZ.

     Publication of the teaching album “Miombo: Richesse méconnue” to raise awareness among young people of the need to protect the environment.


     The restoration of six bridges on the Minga-Lukafu road.

     Help given to farmers in the region through an annual supply of seeds and agricultural inputs. Tens of farmers have significantly increased the yield of their cornfields.

     Promotion of SMBs with the distribution of sewing machines to finalists of the sewing course.

Nothing would have been made possible without the help of our sponsors, patrons, donors and motivated volunteers.

Email us at [email protected] and find out how you too can support us.

Learn about all of ASBM Mikembo’s actions at www.mikembo-mukini.org.


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